16 August 2014

GDP Calculator - Gross Domestic Product by Income Approach, Expenditure

About This Tool:

This tool calculates Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for products current market value in country by Income Approach, Expenditure methods.

What is GDP?

Gross domestic product (GDP) is a current market value of final products and its services produced in a year. GDP used to estimate the whole countries economic output.

GDP Calculator


GDP (Y) = C + I + E + G

Y represents GDP
C represents Consumer spending
I represents Investment made by industry
E represents Excess of exports over imports
G represents Government spending

Consumer Spending :
Investment made by Industry :
Excess of Exports Over Imports :
Government Spending :
Gross Domestic Product :

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by Income Approach Calculator


GDP = COE + GOS + GMI + TP & M - SP & M

COE represents Compensation of employees
GOS represents Gross operating surplus
GMI represents Gross mixed income

Compensation of Employees :
Gross operating Surplus :
Gross mixed Income :
TP & M :
SP & M :
GDP (Y) :

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by Expenditure Calculator


Y = C + I + G + net exports(X - M)

C represents consumption
I represents investment
G represents government spending
X represents exports
M represents imports

Consumption (C) :
Investment (I) :
Government Spending (G) :
Net Exports (X) :
Net Imports (M) :
GDP (Y) :

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