4 July 2014

Voltage Dropping Resistor Calculator

Dropping Resistor Calculator

Starting Voltage of the Circuit Volts
Needed Voltage Volts
Current Draw Amps
Required Dropping Resistor in Series Ohms
The Minimum Resistor Wattage

  • Starting Voltage - The starting voltage of the circuit. This is in Volts
  • Needed Voltage - The voltage that is needed, which is lower then what you have.
  • Current Draw - How much does this device circuit to draw the voltage in AMPS
  • Required Dropping Resistor - The Series Resistor in ohms (Ω)
  • Minimum Resistor Wattage - The Minimum resistor wattage, this is actually what the circuit draws so you should use a larger value to keep the resistor from over heating.

Calculate Resistor Wattage from the Current and Resistance using another of Ohm's Formula

P = I2R
P = Power in Watts
I = Current in Amps
R = Resistance in Ohms

Calculate the needed Resistance using one of Ohm's Formula
R = V / I

R = Resistance in Ohms
V = Force in Volts
I = Current in Amps

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