28 July 2014

Gibbs Free Energy Calculator - Thermodynamics Calculator

About This Tool:

Calculate Gibbs Free Energy of a thermodynamic system using this free Gibbs Free Energy online calculator tool.

What is Gibbs Free Energy:

In thermodynamics, Gibbs free energy is a thermodynamic potential that predicts process whether it will occur spontaneously at constant temperature and pressure.


The Gibbs free energy is defined as:

G(p,T) = H - TS


    U - internal energy
    p - pressure
    V - volume
    T - temperature
    S - entropy
    H - enthalpy

Gibbs Free Energy Calculator

Enthalpy (H) : joule per kelvin
Temperature (T) : kelvin
Entropy (S): joule per kelvin
Gibbs Free Energy : joule per kelvin

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