24 July 2014

Acceleration Conversion Table With Most Common Units

Listed here the conversion table for acceleration with most common units and its unit values.

Acceleration Conversion Table

centigal 1E-4 (m/s2)
centigalileo 1E-4 (m/s2)
centimeter/square hour 7.716049E-10 (m/s2)
centimeter/square minute 2.777778E-6 (m/s2)
centimeter/square second (cm/s2) 0.01 (m/s2)
foot/(hour minute) (fph/min) 1.411111E-6 (m/s2)
foot/(hour second) (fph/s) 8.466667E-5 (m/s2)
foot/(minute second) (fpm/s) 0.00508 (m/s2)
foot/square hour (ft/hr2) 2.351852E-8 (m/s2)
foot/square minute (ft/min2) 8.466667E-5 (m/s2)
foot/square second (ft/s2) 0.3048 (m/s2)
gal 0.01 (m/s2)
galileo (Gal) 0.01 (m/s2)
gravity (g) 9.80665 (m/s2)
g-units (G) 9.80665 (m/s2)
inch/(hour minute) (iph/min) 1.175926E-7 (m/s2)
inch/(hour second) (iph/s) 7.055556E-6 (m/s2)
inch/(minute second) (ipm/s) 4.233333E-4 (m/s2)
inch/square hour (in/hr2) 1.959877E-9 (m/s2)
inch/square minute (in/min2) 7.055556E-6 (m/s2)
inch/square second (in/s2) 0.0254 (m/s2)
kilogal 10 (m/s2)
kilogalileo 10 (m/s2)
kilometer/square hour 7.716049E-5 (m/s2)
kilometer/square minute 0.277777777777778 (m/s2)
kilometer/square second (km/s2) 1000 (m/s2)
knot/hour (kn/hr) 1.429012E-4 (m/s2)
knot/millisecond (kn/ms) 514.444444444444 (m/s2)
knot/minute (kn/min) 0.00857407407407407 (m/s2)
knot/second (kn/s) 0.514444444444444 (m/s2)
meter/square hour (m/hr2) 7.716049E-8 (m/s2)
meter/square minute (m/min2) 2.777778E-4 (m/s2)
meter/square second (m/s2) 1 (m/s2)
mile/(hour minute) 0.00745066666666667 (m/s2)
mile/(hour second) 0.44704 (m/s2)
mile/(minute second) 26.8224 (m/s2)
mile/square hour (mi/hr2) 1.241778E-4 (m/s2)
mile/square minute (mi/min2) 0.44704 (m/s2)
mile/square second (mi/s2) 1609.344 (m/s2)
milligal 1E-5 (m/s2)
milligalileo 1E-5 (m/s2)
millimeter/square hour 7.716049E-11 (m/s2)
millimeter/square minute 2.777778E-7 (m/s2)
millimeter/square second (mm/s2) 0.001 (m/s2)

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