21 January 2013

Water Calcium Hardness Calculator

Online Calcium Carbonate CaCO3, Water Hardness Calculation. This calculator is used to find Hardness of salts in a water. Hardness is the measure of dissolved salts in alkaline water. To measure hardness, a water operator needs to know how many mL of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) it would take to neutralize the salts. This allows you to determine how much hardness was neutralized. Hardness is also measured in mg/L of equivalent calcium carbonate.

Formula: Hardness (mg/L as CaCO3) = (mL of EDTA X 1,000)/mL of sample

                            Enter EDTA Value  : mL
                         Enter Sample Value : mL
                                        Hardness  : mg/L as CaCO3

  • EDTA : Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Example: A 100 mL sample is titrated with 0.02 M EDTA. The endpoint is reached when 18.2 mL of EDTA have been added. What is the hardness concentration?
 Hardness (mg/L as CaCO3) = mL of EDTA X 1,000/mL of sample
                                            = (18.2 X 1,000) / (100)
                                            = 182 mg/L as CaCO3

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